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Hang Up Your Vintage Dress For Frockstar Technology

CNA Speaking Exchange

Looking for a little “feel good” in your day? Then look no further, we’ve got the perfect story for you! Hang up your vintage dress, we are blasting into the future of education and technology with this one! We like to think that seniors spend their elder years surrounded by family and grandchildren, especially. A lot of times, this is not the case. There is nothing more heartbreaking than lonely senior citizens. The CNA Language School launched a genius pilot project to help this cause, while also helping young Brazilian students learn how to speak English. Young Brazlian students paired with elderly folks who just want someone to talk to equals a match made in technological heaven! If you are interested in learning more, check out the clip below!

All students really want is to speak English fluently. And here at CNA English school we are always thinking of ways to improve learning, making it more real and human. So, we thought in a very special group of people: seniors living in retirement communities.

Students want to practice English, and elderly people someone to talk to. Therefore, we create a way for them to meet each other: Speaking Exchange, an educational project that connects students and seniors over the Internet. Thus, a conversation exercise is also an act of solidarity and personal growth. It is an exchange in which everyone wins.

This program is a great feel good program, all around. Once the conversations are over, teachers are then able to view the recorded conversation and assess the students skills and provide feedback. By developing better students, they are developing better people. That is the beauty in this story! If you aren’t quite ready to hang up your vintage dress, that’s ok! We aren’t either. In fact, you can find vintage inspired dresses at our online store!

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