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A V-Neck Dress And A Sweet Friendship

SusanBarnes_KarinaSusan Barnes – aka travlin’ girl – is a travel writer, editor and photographer. A proud Army brat, she was born on a military base in Belgium and has been on the go ever since;  she now makes Tampa her home with her husband and miniature schnauzer, Lucy. In addition to writing extensively for print and online media, Susan is a co-host of #girlstravel chat on Twitter, Mondays at 2 p.m. ET. Feel free to follow her via travlingirl.com, and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She’s next jetting off to Long Island in her Karina Megan.

Nikki and me days after college graduation.

Nikki and me days after college graduation.

Nikki and I met days before our freshmen year began at Missouri State University, and we’ve been friends ever since. After graduation, we’ve never lived in the same city, but have managed to keep in touch and our friendship alive, well before the advent of the Internet, email and Facebook. We’re address book friends!

Over the years, as my wanderlust has grown, Nikki’s joined me on a few trips. Our first trip was to Chicago several years ago, and just this past February we went to Colorado for some wintertime fun. She’s as adventurous as I am, too, and up for trying pretty much anything. Traveling with a good friend to share experiences and stories with is so much fun!


A V-Neck Dress and Sweet Friendships…

It’s not only adventures that we go on, though. My husband and I try to get to the Midwest to visit Nikki and her family at least once a year, and they make an annual trip down to Florida for a week’s beach vacation each summer, close to us and even more time to be together! We’re both fortunate, too, in that our husbands have become good friends over the years!

Nikki and me (in my Karina dress) at the beach this year.

Nikki and me (in my Karina dress) at the beach this year.

It’s always sad when Nikki and I go our separate ways, whether at the end of a trip or after a visit in our respective homes, but that sadness doesn’t last – we know we’ll see each other again soon! And each time, I can’t but think of the Girl Scout song I learned so many years ago: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other’s gold.”

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