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Martha Stewart American Made Awards: Thank You!

martha stewart american made dresses

Well folks, the Martha Stewart American Made Awards have come to a close. The winners have been announced, and while we were not one of them, the results were very humbling. Our journey throughout the Martha Stewart American Made Awards was truly bittersweet. It all started with a nomination…and with your support, the rest was history! We breezed through the preliminary stage and moved into a 2014 Wildcard Finalist position. Because of YOU, our loyal Frockstar fans, we had over 6,000 votes! It is eye opening to us how many loyal fans we truly have, and you all cam out of the woodwork to support our cause!

Thank you for your support during the Martha Stewart American Made Awards!

You all know that we just love creating vintage-inspired dresses that help women of all shapes and sized to feel great about themselves. Karina is all about love, the love of self, food, travel, caring for others and the environment. More importantly, Karina is all about our customers, who are our biggest inspiration. Knowing that you feel good makes us feel good, too! YOU are our inspiration to continue being the best darn dress makers there are! Your appreciation for us really shined through during the voting phase of the American Made Awards. We can not thank you enough!

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