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Visiting Charleston In A Sleeveless Dress

IMG_0608-001-MobileJessica Jannenga is a 45 year old woman, interested in fashion, creativity, and putting together cost effective outfits, and is an excellent role model for self-love. She has a chronic disease, Ehlers-Danlos, which affects her life on a daily basis, but she continues to make the best of herself and feel good in the process regardless of the situation. A graduate of Duquesne’sSchool of Music with a Master’s in Education as well as a B.A. in Music Performance her  creativity coupled with her interest in fashion led her to blog at Elegant and Stylish. You can find her wearing her Karina Dresses Audrey Dress, and at @jessicajannenga, Facebook and Pinterest.

The Audrey Dress is a sleeveless dress with a v neck and knee length skirt perfect for travel.

It was a hot and humid day. Audrey, with her salmon pink and blue floral dress, makes way for Isle of Palms in Charleston SC. She is meeting her friends there for a day of sun, and fun. She brought her Pups with her and they first visit a dog friendly café, on Folly beach, called The Lost Dog. Only dogs can eat and drink there. Just kidding. The sleeveless dress, from Karina dresses was a perfect choice as she would not have to iron it, it was a take from the suitcase, add jewelry and pull ones hair back kind of a day. The heat was beating down, and Audrey was trying not to figit t as she wanted to look as elegant as one can when it is 99 degrees.

Audrey was able to see the Battery, a historic landmark , visit a graveyard inhabited by one of her favorite authors as a schoolgirl, Edgar Allen Poe, and his girlfriend . Audrey found herself fascinated by the history of Charleston, SC with its cobblestone streets and colorful architectural buildings. Almost each building had a unique characteristic to it.

Besides the wonders of the history of Charleston, Audrey knew she would meet her friends at the beach. Two beaches were her favorites, the Isle of Palms, known more for its quiet nature and long sandy beaches, and Kiawa Island, known for its pristine beach that goes for miles, and unfettered natural surroundings. Marshland was viewed upon entering the Island. Greens and browns were coloring the land.

Why is this sleeveless dress perfect for travel?

One thing that had separated  Audrey from her friends, was that she packed light. She would pack her dresses by Karina, as she knew they would not need to be ironed, and she could just wear and go. She packed her Audrey dress, coincidentally named, and her Megan dress, a 40’s style short sleeve dress in burgundy. Both Audrey and her husband discovered a unique upscale resale shop, called Reinvented, on the outskirts of town. Since she loves to shop, they visited King’s Street, a street with both one of a kind Charleston shops, and the familiar retail stores.

With just 4 days there, there was so much that was seen and done, not to mention, great food. A supposed haunted restaurant, Poogan’s Porch, named after the owner’s dog who died, is a must for its low country cuisine. There are far too many delicious restaurants to name, but Audrey made note for their next visit. Charleston is one of those places, one can visit again and again, and because of its rich history, there will always be something one can take away from one’s trip there.

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