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Cruising In A Full Flared Skirt – The Pitfalls

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10 Money Pits of a Cruise Holiday

Cruising is fun and all-inclusive…or is it? Cruising can be an affordable adventure but it can also easily get out of hand if you don’t consider the extra expenses involved. Here are some money pits cruises don’t tell you about when they advertise their amazing prices.

10 Money Pits of a Cruise Holiday Even If You Wear A Full Flared Skirt!

  1. Onboard Expense Accounts can be convenient but deadly. All passengers have to set this up when they first check in and they have the option of setting up a cash or credit account. When you set it up as credit, it’s so easy to just swipe your room card for charges and not realize how much that swipe really cost. After all, it’s just a swipe.
  2. Shore excursions are a must during the docked days. Depending on your location and what’s offered through your cruise line or travel company, the prices can range quite a bit. A cruise I’m looking at for later in the year doesn’t seem to have any shore excursions that cost less than $175!
  3. Drinks, other than the ones already prepared and sitting out for you to pick up, cost money. Bars will also tack on a 15% tip to any bill.
  4. A daily tip rate is charged per passenger to cover tips for various attendants providing you service on board. However, there is always the option of tipping more if you feel the particular server or waiter or whomever did a spectacular job.
  5. Not all onboard activities and pampering is free. I bet my full flared skirt, you can expect to pay at the spa and for certain amenities.
  6. Although you may be permitted to bring limited liquor onboard, you will be charged about $25 if you want to open your bottle and drink it in the dining room or bar.
  7. So you say there’s free food, but did you also hear there are plenty specialty dining options? Some of which are rumored to be quite good but you have to pay to dine at these fine venues.
  8. Souvenirs and shopping is a huge money pit. It literally is something you cannot run away from, whether it is on the ship or at the various ports. There are always “sales” and special deals on the cruise and of course, prior to arriving to a port, they will tell you where the best deals are. With your handy room card, it’s very easy to succumb and make purchases.
  9. Speaking of shopping, the cruise line has professional photographers that are sort of like the paparazzi. They are there before you board, during dinner, the various ports, and during special entertainment activities. All so they can sell you a pricey photo and video packages.
  10. For a blogger and a techie, this last one was tough to resist. Who would’ve thought WiFi access would be so pricey?! Not only expensive but slow, and definitely not worth it!

Avoid these money pitfalls and save yourself some money.  You can find the featured full flared skirt dress, Audrey, at our online store!

What do you spend your money on when cruising?

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