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Jenny Travels to Amalfi: Flared Skirt Fashion Fun

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Italia…the premiere place for delicious cuisine, first rate off the runway fashion, and rustic European architecture. Many flock to the big metropolitan for these but the countryside has so much to offer. Escape out of the cities and you’ll find so much more. Recently, I was lucky enough to experience the Amalfi Drive, a gorgeous countryside drive down to the oceanside coastline.

Unfortunately for me, our drive was surrounded by thick fog. As we descended through the curved roads, winding back and forth, and finally got underneath the level of the fog, the view of the coastline was simply breathtaking. The architecture and homes we passed on the drive were magnificent. They had the feel of cottages along the coastline. Many of these homes had their own little garden where they grew their own olives and lemons. I’m sure there’s no way in this lifetime I could ever afford anything on the Amalfi coastline, but a girl can dream, right? In fact, many of these home are not for sale and are kept for the locals.

Travelling to Amalfi

Frockstar Travels to Amalfi
Outfit: Simple black cardigan, Jenny dress in Rainforest, Tights, Prada flats

The coach drivers must be a pro to drive on these tiny winding roads. There were many instances where the was no room for shoulders or even passing. Often times, our coach or oncoming cars would have to back up in order to let the opposing cars pass. When they did, there was literally only 1cm of space between their side mirrors and the side of the coach. This was truly terrifying at times.

At the bottom of the Amalfi drive was the tiny seaside village of Amalfi, where the Cathedral of St. Andrew stands in all its magnificence. Rumored to be the burial site of the Apostle Andrew, this ancient Cathedral is not a site to be missed. Karina Dresses are my go-to travel dresses and this time, I brought Jenny along. Jenny is a sweetheart v-neck full flared skirt that accentuates your waist beautifully. Pair it with a light cardigan and tights for the perfect fall European travel dress.

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