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Our Values: Love, Fairness and Gratitude

A couple of weeks back on the blog we announced that we would be unveiling some exciting changes in 2015. The one change we received the most fan mail about was our new everyday low price. Some of you were wondering how we could do this. A few were concerned about quality. But mostly gals just wanted to know what the new everyday price would be, and when they could start buying frocks for that new price? We just love that the ladies in our extended family are so diverse and so vocal with their opinions…

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Anyway, drum roll please…starting on February 27, our everyday low price for all new dresses will be $108. How’d we manage to reduce our prices when everything else in life – except for gas – is getting more expensive? It’s all because of YOU. Over the past two years our customer base has grown so much, we’ve been producing ever higher volumes of dresses. As a result, our production costs have gone down and, well, we just think its only fair to pass these savings on to all of YOU, our customers.

It’s our way of showing our gratitude for all the love & support you’ve given us over the years. And we hope it makes our customers feel even better about wearing our dresses, and being part of the Karina family.

Thank you. If you need us, we’ll be right here making dresses.

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