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Karina Chronicles

Out and About Miami in a Karina Sleeveless Dress

TatyOriginally from South America, and officially a tireless Globetrotter, Taty has been calling South Florida home for over 15 years. She plasters her thoughts at the Cool Moms Cool Tips blog. Besides blogging and sharing with other moms, She loves exploring the world with her family, reading and discovering new foods, gadgets, toys, you name it. Taty loves to learn and sharing great finds to keep us all cool, chill and zen families.  You can connect with Taty on Twitter  and Facebook

If you are in Miami for vacation, for work or because you live here chances are you are going from a meeting, to lunch to drinks or a night out with the girls.  That is because it is a city with a constant change in scene with much to do.  There is loads to do, especially in the social scene.  To be Out and about Miami in a Karina sleeveless dress is out recommendation because it is the most comfortable  and versatile dress you will own.


Surely you will not want to carry all over town an extra bag with 3 or 4 change of outfits for all the events in your day.  So here is your secret weapon: a Karina sleeveless knee-length dress.  It is simply so easy to style this type of dress that you can go from espadrilles to mules to flip flops and every shoe in between with ease and perfect fashion sense.
During my Public Relations days a mentor shared with me a tip that had seen me through long hours of being on my feet – a change of shoes every few hours will do the trick.  I live by this tip and apply it as much as I can.  This tip holds true with keeping you on happy toes and on fashion alert.  For the weather and the comfort of the dress, I chose the Ruby, the perfect dress for a triangle shape body.  I started my day doing a little shopping in flats for stylish comfort.

Ruby  sleeveless dress in flats

Then I changed into my more serious wedges for a meeting appointment with a client.  By the time we were done, I was off for some quick ME time at the beach in my Karina Dress and flip flops

Ruby sleeveless dress at the beach with flip flops

Next on my schedule was a change of shoes into some espadrilles to meet my girl friends for a quick light bite before getting into stilettos for a night out!  It is priceless to have a comfortable beautiful dress to enjoy for all your needs.  Let’s face it, who has time to change so many times a day?  This is a perfect solution

Ruby sleeveless dress with espadrilles

You have to agree that there is nothing like the comfort of a simple change of shoes to be ready for every occasion in your agenda.  The ease with which the Ruby dress suits my every activity is the best find ever for every girl in every city!  So easy on the eyes, so fabulous to flaunt and so perfect for our budgets!  All you need is your smile and a dab of lip gloss!

Aug 30, 2019

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