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Karina Chronicles

Frockstar™: Heather Smith

The Featured Karina Dresses Frockstar™ Name: Heather Smith

Age: 44
Location: Kansas City, Missouri Metro Area

Online homes:  Web: OurKidsMom Twitter: @ourkidsmom Instagram: ourkidsmom
Facebook: ourkidsmom

Favorite Karina dress – I’ve only worn one so far, the Audrey, and it’s a DREAM!
How did you discover Karina Dresses? My friends Jennifer and Jen wear Karina Dresses often. I’ve always admired how incredibly beautiful they are and how gracefully they wear them.

What’s your most recent awesome accomplishment? I decided it was time to take my life back last summer. I am now officially down 55 pounds.

Who is your hero? My mom is my hero. Her strength and determination to provide for two children as a single mother was incredible. As a mother, I now understand the sacrifices she made for us.

Who are your style inspirations? I honestly don’t follow fashion closely. I tend to choose cute and comfortable.

Why is it important to love our bodies? We only have one life and one body. Loving yourself for who you are is the best gift you can ever give anyone.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say? Love the body you are in, at this moment. I am amazed when I look at photos of myself when I thought I looked “fat”. My current goal is to look like that again.

Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it? You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

Your perfect day. What would it look like?  I love days with no alarms, requirements or restrictions. Being able to go, do and play with the kids when, where and how long we want is a dream.

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